Handmade Carbon Steel Santoku

Handmade Carbon Steel Santoku

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Handcrafted Carbon Steel Santoku

Type of Steel: Carbon 5Cr15

Handle: Ebony Wood

Weight: 285g

Thickness: 2.4mm

Size: 4.8X 31.6cms

Note: The pattern of the blade varies from piece to piece since this product is handcrafted.

Handcrafted santoku knife.

Because of its good handling, it will become your favorite in the kitchen.

Designed to work in harmony. The weight of its blade matches the weight of its tang and handle.

Its name, Santoku, means 'three good things' or 'three virtues' because with this knife we ​​can cut, slice and chop.

It is said that the knives made by the hands of great craftsmen not only have their own soul, but also directly transmit, in their finishes, the knowledge of traditional forging, uniting science and tradition to bring us to our kitchen blades like never before.

Personalization is included in the price. Please contact us when making your purchase to see the details of the customization.